About us

Auradot is dedicated to the creation of vibrant software solutions and services which will facilitate the growth of organizations worldwide. Behind the scene is a dedicated team of young professionals who understand organizations and the art of making today's organizations efficient and successful through the use of modern IT solutions. As a highly client-driven company, Auradot works closely with their clients to ensure that they receive comprehensive technical support during and after the deployment process.

Auadot offers a suite of products and services that address enterprise-wide challenges from the perspective of executives, records managers, IT staff members and end-users.

With their highly acclaimed auraDocs suit of Document Management software, organizations, including government offices, large and medium level companies, healthcare organizations and non-profits have the opportunity to improve productivity and enhance data deployment and security. AuraDocs makes modern day document management look easy.

As an extension of their services, Auradot's business outsourcing unit helps organizations to convert their paper based backlogs into the auraDocs system or any other filing or record management solution.

To make modern businesses work better, it is an imperative to ensure that all web solutions are explored and optimized. To make it a win-win situation, Auradot believes that the best solution is a long-term revenue sharing model. As such, Auradot extends its full development and deployment capabilities to businesses at no additional cost.

Using the expertise in image science, Auradot deploys a full backend solution for the retouching, manipulation and enhancement of digital images. This is an extremely popular outsourcing service for small to large organizations constantly working with digital images.