What is document Management

The traditionally practice has been to preserve important paper documents by physically filing them and indexing for future reference. In an environment with large amounts of paper, searching and retrieving such documents can be daunting task while consuming valuable and expensive space and human energy. The modern office environment also uses a host of electronic documents. Document Management systems facilitate the storage and retrieval of paper as well as electronic documents with the ease of desktop searching and retrieval.

Why should I outsource to Auradot ?

In todayís competitive environment, securing the high level of skill required to do complicated photo retouching can be costly. Not having such facilities can be a huge dis- advantage over competition. Auradot offers the most cost-effective price structure around. We make sure the quality of our work is up to your expectation and that the job is delivered, everytime as promised.

What do I have to do to get a photo retouched ?

To use our services you will need to login with your user name and a password. This means you will have to register with us if itís the first time around. You will be able to get your user name and password instantly. Once you login, please follow the instructions. They will guide you through the simple steps to follow.

How much do you charge ?

That really depends on the work involved. Photo enhancement can be very involved and time consuming and the amount to charge can vary a lot. To make the charges easier to determine, we have categorized jobs complexity as simple, medium, difficult or quotation required. Please refer to the pricing chart for details. If it is a project that needs a quotation, then you will know the price only after it is sent to us. We will evaluate your requirement and inform you the price. These are always complicated work that does not fit into the other categories.

How are your prices so cheap? Are you exploiting labour ?

Due to lower cost of living in this part of the world, labour costs compared to developed countries are much lower. We usually pay above average salaries to our staff to attract experienced and talented graphic designers and also take them through a series of training and orientation programs to ensure customer satisfaction. They work statutory hours as required by local labour statute. The work environment and periodic fellowship events ensure that they are always happy and creative at work.

Before I submit my jobs, can I get some samples done ?

Yes, of course. You will still need to register with us and get your user name and a password. Then you can submit upto 3 simple or medium jobs that we will do for you free of charge. Once these jobs are complete you will be able to download them with a watermark. If you are happy with the work you can pay and download the final image without a water mark.

How do I pay you ?

You can pay us using most common credit cards. We use an SSL certified secure gateway for credit card transactions to ensure that all sensitive information is kept confidential, so much that we donít see any of it ourselves.

What if I don't have a credit/debit card ?

You can use online wire transfer or telegraphic transfer. The payment in this way may not happen instantly. Most Banks have cut-off times to process wire transfers. They will also have processing charges involved. We can verify your payment only after it reaches our bank.

How do I get the photo or image to you ?

We need a digital copy of your photo or image. If it's a 'physical' paper photo, not from a digital camera, please make sure the photo is scanned at a high resolution, especially if you want us to crop it down or blow up some aspect of the image.
Save the image as a jpeg or jpg, with high quality. Then you simply need to send us the image file using the upload feature in the site.

I have no scanner, can I send you a physical photo ?

Sorry, at present we do not accept physical photos or documents.

How long will it take ?

That depends upon how complex the work required is, or which pricing category the job belongs to. Our site is developed to evaluate delivery times as accurately as possible and give you an immediate response. In most instances you should get your job delivered within 24 hours. If a delay is envisaged, the system will alert you beforehand and request your consent for an extended delivery time. This way, you will have peace of mind that you will get the job delivered at the time you were promised.

What happens when you've completed the work ?

Just after you submit the job, you will know when you can expect the completed image back. You can return to the site and download the image at that time. Before you download, you can also see thumbnail images of your original file and the final job. At this point, if you are not happy with the work, you can get it re-done or return them without paying for anything.

I am a large Photo lab with hundreds of Photos to retouch every month. What is the most convenient solution for me ?

We have solutions to accommodate individuals to organizations of any size. Our powerful backend software tracks orders and billing can be done periodically for larger organizations. We can create multiple logins and even an approvals process for a quality controller to evaluate and then a customer service personnel to later download. We also have more cost effective service options, upto 30% cheaper than regular job uploads.