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Monday, 23 May 2011 08:19

Document Management Solutions

With the auraDOCS suite of Document Management software, organizations have the opportunity to harness the power of information with a broad portfolio of products that facilitates the capture, storage, retrieval and deployment of data in an efficient, timely, secure manner. AuraDOCS Document Management solutions enables the creation of a true paperless office or even a paperless enterprise.

As an extension of their services, the Auradot's business outsourcing unit helps organizations to convert their paper based backlogs into the auraDOCS system or any other filing or record management solution.


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auraDOCS Store and Search

A powerful application at the core of the auraDOCS suite facilitating the capture, indexing and retrieval of large volumes of a few types of documents. It provides a simple audit trail with optional encryption and watermarks. It is the ideal application for any startup document management solution.

auradocs Filing Manager

It is an expanded application with Scanner Manager which logs in the user and captures the files to their designated folder, emulating an office filing system. Using the Filing Manager the user can do the filing from their desktop. All users can view across the filing structure. It provides for a simple Audit trail with optional encryption and watermarks.

auradocs Enterprise Manager

A full featured application with a lot of security features built in to, enables document filing across a large, distributed, global organization. It accommodates multi formats of documents, including emails, pictures, etc with the ability to record comments on documents. It has a full set of multiple user rights for scanning, filing and sharing. It is possible to email documents within the filing system or send a document locator to another user. It includes OCR. Encryption and watermarks are standard features. The application also provides periodic administrative notifications such as long unfiled images, disk space used, alerts, etc.

auradocs Workflow Manager

A plug-in application to enable documents to be communicated in programmed workflows. It facilitates the creation of specific workflows for documents and the timing of workflow. It generates automated workflow reports and the Administrator can change, add or delete workflows.

auradocs Achieve Manager

Facilitates a systematic archiving process and can be used as a plug in. This application generates different archival volumes depending on storage size whilst retaining a thumbnail image of the archived document and its relevant index data. It also enables the setting of parameters, such as frequency, data size, document types etc.

auradocs Audit Manager

Is a supportive application to enable a host of different audit trails on the whole system as well as on sensitive documents. A complete audit trail is provided with a periodic log file. It is possible to specify alerts when sensitive documents are viewed, printed or e-mailed.

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